Granny David – 15 Step Guide to Invisibility

Liner Notes

C: After many years of thinking about starting a little label, I’m finally taking a shot at it thanks to Granny David. I’ve always admired his work in the STBB battles each week, but it was especially cool when he had reached out to work on a fun little collaboration that came out as the Telepathy EP. From that tape I knew if I was going to start a label, GD was who I wanted for the very first record.

15 Step Guide to Invisibility is the result of many many messages back and forth going back to sometime last year. This LP is really just a small sample of his insane output which I’d highly recommend checking out over on Soundcloud. With this record I feel we’ve captured the sprit of his sound, from both his production style and his sense of humor which I’ve always enjoyed in particular about his music.

I want to thank Dave for letting me help release some music and being a great friend, Yoni Den for the sweet album art (and title!), the STBB community for being a motivator to us both, and you for reading this and listening to this record! I hope you enjoy this first release on unseen.boutique, there is more to come very soon..

D: As a man of few words once said….

Full Album Art


Title: 15 Step Guide to Invisibility

Artist: Granny David

Release Date: September 18th, 2020

Catalog Number: UB001

Length: 33:21