STBB Forever x unseen.boutique


Thank you to the following artists who made this release possible!!

B.O.R. | B-Dog | BURITAL | canoot | CHOPFYT | CruFro | Godall | Granny David |

JoaGymshoe | justanicca | Lil’ P | per.du | popek | ruedenz | SIL’DANTE | Yoni Den

Album by art by canooooot + stellenbeschreibung

Liner Notes

C: What a year.. I won’t go on and on about it as we all know what it is. Over the last few months I’ve thought about how I could end this one on a high note and it has materialized into this release. After wrapping up the first couple unseen.boutique albums earlier this year, I knew the next thing I wanted to do was some type of collaboration with the STBB Forever community. This site has been a big part of my life the past few years and I’ve been thinking of the right opportunity to work with them on something. I posted my idea last month and the music you’re hearing today is what we put together!

I’ve been incredibly fortunate this year, to be in good health, maintaining my job, all of these things that I know many are struggling with today. It got me to thinking when putting this compilation idea out there, I also wanted there to be a charitable element to help those in need – Any proceeds from this release will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross. I’ve gotten us started with a contribution and any sales from Bandcamp will be immediately sent to ICRC. I’d encourage anyone listening to donate to a favorite charity of theirs as well if they’re in a position to do so.

I’m thankful to all the artists of the community that participated – I knew the music was going to be dope, but I didn’t realize how many personal stories would also exist behind the music that was submitted. Some of these stories are shared in the artists notes below (3 year old B.O.R. killed it!!). Also thanks to canoot for organizing the album art – I reached out to him knowing I’d get something very unique and distinctive and I was very pleased with what I got back. The piece was just about 3 meters tall and wide in Hanover, Germany!

I’m also thankful to everyone else who helped make unseen.boutique possible this year – From the artists who let me help them put their music out there to you the reader/listener here checking it all out. I really appreciate this all and despite the year we had I will always have the good memory of starting this thing and building on it.

I wish you all a happy new year, please take care out there.


B-Dog: Big up for oldtimes sake to…. Paravox (Mack DvD), Redski, Mossey, Bonecrushin’, my son B.O.R. (ft. as MC from being a 3 year old in “Koele Veteranen”/1999, up til now), Joa Gymshoe for connecting me to STBB, waxramble for this great initiative, and last not least the whole STBB community for simply being dope!

B.O.R.: It be like that sometimes.

Yoni Den: Much Love to the STBB Fam

*music is a safe kind of high. Jimi Hendrix
*beats. & sample loops. repetitive sh*t.

CHOPFYT: This track was my entry into the 2nd Anniversary of STBB Forever. It’s a community that has kept my interest in producing alive, I’m not sure I would’ve had the inspiration to continue without their weekly battles. Some of my lyrics reflect that but the bulk make reference to a planned surgery at the time of the battle (it wasn’t very serious surgery but it did carry risks that could affect my vocal chords permanently) and that more serious tone had an influence on the rest of the rhymes making them a bit more personal than other entries I’ve done (giving props and shouts to STBB, my family and girlfriend and referencing my cousin who passed away when we were both a lot younger). My mind of course drifted into the usual bravado and playful wordplay that I’ve developed with my rhyme partner Demi and through my past STBB entries. I am grateful to have the opportunities Wax and STBB continue to present me with and was honored to be included in this Compilation. Thank You. PEACE

Full Album Art


Title: STBB Forever x unseen.boutique

Artist: Various Artists

Release Date: December 31st, 2020

Catalog Number: UB003

Length: 36:53