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Granny David x waxramble – Telepathy

Liner Notes

C: At the moment there are some exciting things in the works… but it might be some time before I get to share with you. With that in mind, I wanted to take this as an opportunity to reintroduce a little mixtape that made this whole unseen.boutique thing possible.

Back in 2019, Dave set up a fun side beat battle over on STBB – the rule was to put together an MF DOOM acapella + SEGA Genesis (or to him from UK, Mega Drive lol) sample for a track. I dug the idea for this one so much that I made the rare attempt to share something I tried to put together as a non-entry – looking back it sounds so bad but to this day I’m still proud of the album art I designed that accompanied it!

When he heard my entry, he was nice enough to shoot me a message on SoundCloud to see if I’d like to collaborate and develop it further, making it a legit entry. This was the first time anyone had offered me the opportunity to collaborate on something musical so I of course was super excited and happy to exchange messages until we got the thing right. In the end I was really pleased with what we put together – still digging that sweet transition to re-flip!! The competition was tough so we didn’t win the battle in the end (peace to Brotha B for the fantastic winning entry!) but the connection we made here was what really mattered.

After the first successful collab, Dave came up with the idea of taking our method of working together and doing something like a mixtape. I pick some samples, I give some ideas, then he works his magic. When he proposed this idea the first thing that came to mind was Oh! Lord by Cortex – I’d always loved this track and thought that if I ever did figure out how to make beats one day, this is absolutely something I would flip. I knew that the sample would be in good hands with Dave so I sent him a very very rough sketch of what chops would sound like in my head – the video below is so rough but somehow he was able to get it:

As I was messing around with the track in Audacity, I’d also end up ‘making’ what at the time I thought was sounding like an accidental ‘juke’ track lol (I swear this has a DJ Paypal vibe if you listen to it in my head!!)

When Dave started sending back some interpretations, it was clear he was deciphering my madness and as expected it was sounding amazing. I knew then that we had to call this tape Telepathy, he knew exactly what to do with these ‘notes’ and other samples I threw his way, reading my mind – knowing what I’d dig! He even met the challenge when I sent him one I did not think he could do anything with – of course he turns it into gold.

I was (and still am!) really happy with the finished product we put together here. While maybe not as polished as a full LP, it totally works as a fun oldschool summer vibes mixtape. In this ‘Complete’ version we present today, I especially want to stress that you should check out the instrumental versions as you get to hear even more detail of Dave’s fantastic production. We also now include two secret bonus tracks that were previously only available to those who downloaded the old instrumental release on Bandcamp.

I hope you have as much fun listening to this as we had putting it together. I once again want to thank Granny David for this collaboration and his friendship. Something as simple as a friendly message on SoundCloud made this all possible man. I also want to thank everyone who listened to this tape back in the day and showed support, it was really cool to see those comments.

More good stuff is on the way…

D: Big thanks to waxramble for his input with this project. Had lots of fun, hope we do more in the future!

Full Album Art


Title: Telepathy

Artist: Granny David x waxramble

Release Date: July 30th, 2021 (OG: April 29th, 2019)

Catalog Number: UB005

Length: 34:03

Original SoundCloud Upload